January 11, 2009


I started crochet about a year ago and I have been completely addicted to it ever since. I have made several baby blankets for friends, a shawl for my mom, a hat for myself (my first project), and my most recent finished project was a scarf for my BFF.

I recently became aware of a website called Ravelry (noted on my favorites list) and I just can't peel my eye's off the site. There is so much to look at on there. So much to learn from the site and so many people to meet. I have gotten GREAT inspiration from this site and I want to learn so much more about crochet. I feel like my craft is so basic at this point...especially when compared with the art I have seen displayed from other people on the site. I am so much more excited about crochet now that I have become a member of this site.

My goal/resolution this year is to complete at least one baby blanket a month and then be able to donate them to the babies in Winc. NICU at the end of the year...and hopefully I can do this annually. My son was born 3+ months early and those months were spent in 3 different NICU's...the Winc. one being the last of the three. He spent 6 weeks there and the care he received was amazing. The people that work their LOVE what they do and it really shows. Anyway, my heart goes out to these babies and their parents and I feel that although this is small (in comparison), it is something I can do to show support for these families.

So I started my first blanket of the year a couple days ago and so far, so good. I hope I can maintain the pace.