August 18, 2010

Niagara Falls into Yarn

I'm really not much of a blogger, but I think this past weekend is something worth a mention. There were so many fabulous memories and all shared with one of my bestest buds!

For several months my husband was trying to help me plan some "get-away" time for just me. A time to get away from it all (kids, house, hubby, dog, cat, etc.) and catch up on some much needed rest and have some "me-time". It seemed like nothing was really coming together. Nothing sounded quit right for me and as much as I wanted to get away, I was nervous about being "alone". Thats when Gege came to the rescue! Nothing quite like a bestie with the same passion (obsession) as yours. YARN - CROCHET - YARN - HOOKS - YARN and OH! Did I mention YARN???

Gege had been wanting to go to Canada forever and up until now, had not had the opportunity. I didn't care where we went, as long as it didn't involve changing any diapers, listening to whining, cooking any meals or listening to any animals chasing each-other through the house. She discovered a couple places online that she wanted to go to...YARN places! So this began our trip planning...and the feeding frenzy that IS our obsession. For the next couple weeks we planned and plotted out our trip all centering around going to a couple yarn stores/factories and napping...and a little extra here and there.

For day one we planned on getting to Canada, getting settled in our room and then having about a half a day to see the sights...well, the main sight, being the Niagara Falls. I mean, we were RIGHT there. But instead we got a little TO settled into our room and we both passed out on our nice cozy beds and the the comfiest pillows you could ever imagine. I know for me, that pillow had been calling my name for at least several months. We woke up a little after dinner time, ordered some nasty pizza and headed out for a little stroll. We thought we could walk all the way to the falls, but yeah, that just didn't happen. The falls were a little farther from our hotel than we expected and my gimpy leg wasn't allowing it. So we opted for plan B, take a couple pictures of the scenery and head back to the hotel to get ready for a LATE movie. Ok, the movie was only at 10:30, but for me being a SAHM and having early risers in the morning, I'm not use to being out past 9ish anymore...this was late. Naughty even! We saw the movie The Other Guys and OH MY GOODNESS! What a funny movie. I laughed the whole all the way through. I was quite impressed with Mark W.'s comedic acting skeelz! I didn't know he had it in him...not to mention, he IS rather "easy on the eyes".

On Friday we began our journey into Listowel, Ontario, Canada. What a beautiful drive. We drove through (what we think was) a rather large Menonite farming community. I just am so drawn to (fascinated) their way of life. I love seeing all the beautiful farms and the horse drawn carriages and the "simple-ness" of it all. I often wonder how they do it with all the fast paced technology of today. I always find that it really relaxes me to drive through communities like this...sets a mood of peace over my being. Which was probably very timely considering the frenzy that was just ar
ound the corner.

We FINALLY made it to the tent sale at the Yarn Factory Outlet and my heart started racing and I was getting butterflies in my stomach. I started thinking, does my husband really realize what he has sent me off to? When we walked in there was a woman at the front asking if we needed a "shopping bag" and obviously, both Gege and I said YES! We were then handed a 30 gallon trash bag. I actually started to worry about Gege...well, more about her husband upon her return from this trip. As I was standing there trying to process what was happening, I turned and looked and there was no more Gege. I lost her before I even started. This place was awesome. Huge boxes FULL of yarn. It was actually overwhelming. I didn't know where to even begin. After a couple hours there, filling up our bags and wiping the drool from our face, we paid for our "booty" and headed into town because we had passed a used book store that I wanted to go to. One of my goals was to go to a used book store to look for some pattern books. Once we got there, the guy told use they actually had a booth set up at the tent sale. OMG! We had completely missed it because we had completely zeroed in on the yarn and didn't see ANYTHING else. So e went BACK to the tent, found the books and I actually found a treasure of a crochet pattern book. I am already working on a vest that I found in the book. Can't wait to wear it this fall.
So after the frenzy, we were completely exhausted. We headed back into Toronto for the next two nights. We decided to have a fabulous dinner at a Greek restaurant that night and get back to our crochet.

On Saturday, we went into the city of Toronto to Queen Street. Makes me think of Georgetown, DC (Gege thought NY). This place gave me serious anxiety. Very closed in and TONS of people and chaos everywhere. We parked our car and headed into what I would like to refer to as "yarn heaven". A place called Romni Wools. What the WHAT?!?!?! I have never seen anything like this. Every single nook and cranny was stacked with Yarn. And not just the yarn you see at like JoAnn's or A.C. Moore (nothing agaist those places), but this stuff was different and colorful and all kinds of textures. It was amazing. And we had only scratched the surface, they also had a BASEMENT of overstock, discount and discontinued yarn. What the WHAT the WHAT?!?!?! I found some super fun yarns down there and Gege even got a fun tutorial from two fabulous, silly ladies on spinning. I LOVED this place. Lucky for our hubbies its a 10 hour drive for us...LOL. Otherwise I'd be in there everyday.
On Sunday we knew it was time to head home and we only had one more stop to make before our trip could be considered "complete"...Niagara Falls. We drove around on the Canada side trying to find parking for at least an hour before we decided it would have to be something done on the States side. So we began our LONG, tedious journey of crossing the border. Parking in NY (surprisingly) was much easier and it was only a short walk to the falls. The view completely took my breath away. I have never seen anything so beautiful in all my life. We took lots of pictures and some video because the sound is so amazing too. And a sweet couple took a picture of Gege and I next tot he falls...a perfect keepsake of a perfect vacation get away.

So I have been home for almost a week now and I am still not down from my high from that trip. My hubby has already ok'ed for me to make this an annual event. So Gege, I can't wait for our next adventure together. Love you girl. I couldn't have asked for a better travel buddy!