December 5, 2009

I haven't written in here in quite a while.  There has been lots happening in the Wright household.  Since the last time I wrote, Kayla has turned a year old.  Its just nuts to look back on this year with her and how fast it went by.  We had so much fun with our family and close friends celebrating her first birthday.  She LOVED the cake...a little too much I think.  It was hysterical to watch her eat it.  She had it all over her face, her hair, even up her nose.  She was in heaven.

Thanksgiving was a very eventful weekend for us.  We spent Thanksgiving Day with my side of the family.  My baby brother was up from Florida with his bride-to-be and this was the first time we all got to meet her.  She is awesome and such a perfect fit for my brother.  My other brother and his wife were up from southern VA and its always nice to get to spend time with them.  So my whole family was together this year.  Its so much much much food.  On black Friday I got to go out shopping with my mom, sisters, sister-in-law and sister-in-law-to-be in Manassas.  We all had a great time and we all found some really great deals.  Then, in true Letsen women fashion, we had lunch at Olive wouldn't be a Letsen girls outing without it.  Then on Saturday we were back in Rapp with my family to go and see a customer of my Dad's who does this amazing train set in his back was so cool.  We also went to the Peppermint Tree farm which is also a Letsen family tradition of many years, to cut down a tree for my parents home (and my sisters got one too for their homes).  Sunday we spent the day with the Wright family eating some Thanksgiving favorites and enjoying each others company...and of course, it wouldn't be a Sunday afternoon in the Wright home without a football game.

In the past couple weeks she has taken a few steps on her own.  Today she seems to be trying a lot more to walk.  Even getting up from the ground on her own.  Its so exciting.  I have been praying very diligently for my kids to walk.  Noah has been walking SO MUCH on his own.  He actually gets quite frustrated with his walker these days and much prefers to go it alone.  He doesn't even want to hold our hand.  What an absolute miracle.

We are definitely looking forward to Christmas being right around the corner.  This year we will spend Christmas Day with the Wright side of the family and head out to my side of the family that weekend.  We are very much looking forward to the New Year and all the hopes we have for a good year.  This year has been very challenging for us and we are praying for some rest, and newness in the new year.