May 22, 2009

News for Noah's Tummy

Today we took Noah to see an allergist in hopes of figuring out if an allergy is contributing to these vomiting episodes he has been having. The Dr. was really nice and very good with Noah. He was very easy to talk to and Noah seemed to take really well to him. The test was pretty amazing. Nothing barbaric like the old way of giving allergy shots up and down the child’s arm. This test was quite simple and Noah didn't seem to notice at all. They basically did 4 sets of "stamps" on his back. Each set contained 8 allergens ranging from different food allergies, to out-door allergies, to indoor allergies. In the last set they had 2 controls. One was Saline, which doesn't really do anything and the other was histamine, which has a bump and red reaction. So these helped to determine which, if any, Noah was allergic to. If any of the other sets had a reaction similar to or greater than the histamine then that proved to be an allergy. Of all the ones I tried to guess the allergies would be...the ones he actually had, were nowhere near what I thought. He had a +2 for chicken and a +3 for feathers. So weird. All this time he was allergic to chicken and we always thought it was the one thing he would eat that would be a good source of meat/protein for him and now he can't have it. The Dr. did say this was one most kids tend to out-grown. SO maybe he will be able to eat chicken again someday. I must say, on the bright side these have to be the easiest allergies to remedy. With chicken, it is just as easy to remove it from his diet and try again in a few months and see if there is a reaction. At least I don't have to go and read the labels on everything to check for an ingredient. And with the feathers, we just have to cover his pillow in a specific casing or just change his pillow to a non-feather one. So I must say, if he's going to have least these are easy.


So maybe him eating chicken was the problem with the vomiting all along and the feathers were certainly the culprit for the constant nasal/sinus issues. We'll see. The next time he has a vomiting episode we still want to get the shunt work up because we can never be too careful with that, but we will also try chicken with him again in a couple weeks and see if he ahs a reaction the next day.


I must say, I do feel a sense of relief in discovering this today. Praise the Lord for answers.

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