July 24, 2009

Noah's Post-Op follow up

Yesterday we went to DC Children's to follow up with a CT Scan and with Dr. Myseros about Noah's progress since his shunt revision.  Dr. Myseros showed us the images from pre-op, post-op and then from yesterdays scan.  the results were unbelievable.  His ventricles were significantly smaller since his last scans.  Whats so amazing to me, is that Noah had been sick for so long and they kept ruling out his shunt because there was no change in his ventricles and the whole time, his ventricles were swollen and building up pressure, but they didn't notice the difference because they had been that way for so long.  Dr. Myseros wants to see him back in about 6 months for another CT Scan and follow up.

Noah is such a different child lately.  He's happy.  He's active and just a joy to be around.  We are so glad Noah isn't sick anymore.  What a blessing.

Jeremiah 29:11

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