June 15, 2013

Its GO Time!

WOW! What a fun time hosting my very first silent auction. And for such short notice...I think it was pretty successful with the winning bit coming in at $100. I definitely think the Relay for Life is going to be a permanent fixture in my life and I am already thinking about what I can do next year to raise funds. I definitely see more auctions in my future. With more preparation, there is so much I can do between now and then to create things more "cancer awareness" specific. Since my Dad passed away with Melanoma...who knows...maybe a black ribbon scarf & hat set. We shall see. The wheels in my head are definitely spinning right now.

Today is the Relay for Life and I am super excited about it. We have the kids taken care of (by their sweet Mams) for the night. They are super excited to go spend the night with her and their GG and Papaw. Kevin and I will be able to stay for the whole night at the Relay this year and we are definitely looking forward to being with friends and family as we celebrate those that are still fighting and those that have gone on to be with Jesus.

I definitely had "anxious" sleep last night. Woke up at 2 and couldn't stop thinking about everything I needed to get prepared for the event. Packing, food, making things. This morning I have been working on a sign as our team is hosting the annual Corn Hole event. GOOD TIMES!

The one thing I am REALLY looking forward to tonight is the slideshow and the Luminaria ceremony. I am sure there will be lots of tears shed as I am really missing my Pops right now, but there is a peace that settles in as this ceremony is happening.

Well, thanks to everyone for all their LOVE and SUPPORT as I walk for the 2nd year in the Relay for Life.


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